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Portland, Oregon


wear in good health. 

yellow springs street fair - summer 2013


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yellow springs street fair - summer 2013

Angela Valley

This was not my first rodeo to set-up at the street fair but it never gets easier. Luckily this year I was able to recruit my girlfriend Meghan to help me out.  She was fabulous. Not only did she wake up at 4am so I could pick her up at 5, but she also was a stellar partner to help me sell a ton of jewelry. I felt that having her say who I was and what I do went smoother than me touting myself. I liked that. She helped me load in and out of my spot, set-up my display, tag and label the jewelry, organized my cash box (I'm so horrible when it comes to organization.), and one of my favorites, helped watch my booth when I need to get a break for a quick bit. I rarely have anyone help me out, so this was such a treat. 

The day was beautiful. I could not have prayed for better weather. A slight breeze with cooler temperatures made for the perfect fair. People start shopping at 8 (Even though it technically starts at 9. They like to get in and out early to beat the crowds.).

A small hiccup occurred around 9:30am when the online credit card system went down. Not to fear because most people paid cash and I accepted personal checks. I have learned to roll with the punches. 

People piled in my booth, giving compliments, leaving with a cute little Angelflie Design gift bag. I was commissioned for several custom pieces including two wedding bands, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. Those are some of my favorite things to do for people. I love being the person that can help someone out. If it means making you a necklace with a specific engraving, I'm your girl. (Or any other special request for that matter.)

At the end of the day Meghan and I were completely drained. We packed the booth up in about 30 minutes (a record!) and heading back home. We stopped off for some burritos and decompressed. We giggled at how exhausted we where and busted out laughing at how clumsy I got. 

I have learned I can not control things and that I have to just let things be. Even with all the preparation to have the day execute flawlessly, it rarely does, however I will always look forward to the next street fair. The next one for this year will be held on October 12th.