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Portland, Oregon


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athletic accolades

Angela Valley

While driving you probably have seen the ubiquitous black, white, or pink oval-shaped stickers reading, "13.1," or "26.2." Those simple stickers represent a plethora of mini-triumphs and failures throughout their training for the race. Showing that sticker isn't just representation of the race, it is showing months of agony, pushing beyond one's limitations, and respecting one's body after recovering from long run days. 

I myself have run in 5K races, mini-triathlons, obstacle races, and currently have started training for full marathon this September, then a full (Go big or go home.) Ironman in 2014. I like the idea of touting a sticker on my car to be proudly displayed for my achievement, but I think those stickers are not so much to show off to others, as they are to remind yourself of what you have accomplished. They are inner accolades reminding you how far you've come since you first put your running shoes on. "If I did that, then I can surely get through x, y, or z."

Since I'm a jeweler, I have decided to create an entire collection for athletes. Sure t-shirts, stickers, or a beer steins are great, but a simple necklace that is a discreet whisper telling you you did something epic is well, just lovely. You don't need to tout your achievement to anyone but yourself. (Not that having a sticker is a negatively prideful thing. I'll surely be getting a one when I finish the marathon.) A beautiful necklace that represents your race day, elevation of the mountain you climbed, when you finally mastered the yoga pose you have been practicing for months, the grade of the climbing route you red-pointed, or the day you gave birth (Probably one of the greatest things a human body can do is giving birth.), is something you can wear and keep to yourself, or share if you desire. It is something you can touch throughout the day to help you get by. Maybe it is even just feeling the pendant touch your skin that is a gentle reminder to push yourself since you know you can. Whatever the achievement, I'll be creating a special piece just for you. You have earned it!