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a very special day

Angela Valley

I got a call from a mother who had a couple custom pieces she wanted to have made for her daughter. We decided to meet up and discuss what details she needed me to learn about the designs so I could come up with something extra special. 

During the meeting the mother pulled out a vintage box containing these amazing costume jewelry necklaces and earrings. She told me a story about how these baubles were once worn by her mother, and that when her daughter was young, she used to play dress-up in her grandmother's costume jewelry. She explained that her mother was no longer around, and that her daughter was getting married in October. Her hope would be that I could take those pieces and re-create them into new pieces for her daughter's wedding day. We would be taking care of the "something old," "some new,"  and "something blue" all in one.

I went home and started dreaming up how excited her daughter was going to be opening the gift before her big day. I got choked up thinking about how her grandmother was not physically present but how her memory was living on in these new pieces that the bride would be wearing. 

I created a spectacular hair comb and a tulle garter belt. The garter belt was simple and elegant.  I added the "something blue" by transforming one of the blue necklaces into a brooch which the bride could take off the garter and wear on her lapel in her everyday life. Each element of these two pieces were conceptual.  I can not help but be conceptual. Almost everything for me is a duck. I like layers to things, and "behind the scenes" meaning. Those are the sorts of things that make pieces extra special.  When the designer truly engages in the piece, thinking on all levels of planes about what makes this one different. The hair comb was definitely haute couture. I can never replicate that in a million years, same goes for the garter belt. No one will ever have one just like hers.

When I met up with the mother to give her the brides gifts I gave her a third box. This one was for her. Unknown to the mother I also created a special necklace out of a center rhinestone from one of her mother's necklaces. This way not only the bride had a piece of her grandmothers to wear and remember her by, but the mother also had a piece she could wear everyday as well. 

In the end I realize I love being a part of weddings. I love the idea of celebrating two lives being united with each other. If you have any special requests for extra special pieces I am more than happy to accommodate.