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a husband's love


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a husband's love

Angela Valley

I set up an appointment to meet my friend Jason at my favorite Thai restaurant in SE Portland. During our lunch he pulled out a black satin bag filled with beautiful, raw cut citrine gemstones. He explained to me that while he and his wife Cynthia were visiting Miami, Florida  they stopped in at a gem store.  While looking around he managed to preoccupy her and bought six simple stones as well as one amazing larger one.

He knows she adores the golden, translucent stone and wanted to commission me to create a piece "worthy for a queen." First off, how adorable is that. This guy actually pays attention enough to know what his wife's favorite gemstone is (I'm sure it's second to diamonds.), but he also managed to buy the stones unbeknown to her and now was coming to me to design a necklace and earring set for her. Second, I just think any woman would love for her man (or woman) to treat her to something like this. It is so sweet!

I was touching the stones imagining what placement they would have on her neck, when I noticed they were not reamed (or rather they did not have a drill hole for the wire to go through.). At that time in my metalsmithing practice I had yet to do bezels. However I was not deterred for I am a very persistent woman! I connected with my local jewelry store where I got my supplies and asked for contacts of people who ream stones. I think I called about 10 different people before I came across an older gentleman who lived about 40 minutes east of town. I drove out there to meet him in his studio. He told lots of stories while I was there, about how he was retired now and just tumbles stones for fun. Once he fired up his drill he was finished within five minutes.  Now onto the fun part for me.

I drove back to my studio and was anxious to get these stones into the necklace I had been planning for weeks now. (It took longer than I anticipated to find someone to ream for me.) 

The necklace turned out so elegant. Cynthia has olive toned skin and the sterling silver metal shines brilliantly on her. The best thing about this is that I got to take a husband's love for his wife and put it into physical form for her. That is partly why I love doing what I do. Taking something from nothing and creating a piece that means the world.