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Portland, Oregon


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happy tears

Angela Valley

my friend Karl approached me with a wonderful idea he had for a Christmas present to give to his mom. the two of them had gone on a trip together where they did some rock hounding. as they sifted through the rubble they found some beautiful amethyst, citrine, quartz, among many others others. Karl knew his mom had a blast during this special mother-son adventure and wanted to make that memory last.

i walked into our meeting, we spayed out the bag of goodies and started picking out our favorites. we agreed these seven stones were by far the coolest and they were deserving of being representatives of that great outing they shared. 

i knew exactly how i wanted this to lay this design out as soon as i started dreaming up ideas. i go to work, and felt positive vibes while making this piece. i was chatting with Karl and telling him how commission pieces such as this get me quite verklempt. i think about how she will get to wear this moment she had with him each time she has it on. if you stop for a moment and ponder that thought you too may get teary eyed. 

Karl later told me his mom cried with happiness when she opened her gift. i do not like sad tears but i do get warm fuzzies when someone has happy tears. it is all about the happy tears.