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Portland, Oregon


wear in good health. 

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close to the heart

Angela Valley

katie's amethyst necklace-2.jpg
katie's amethyst necklace.jpg
katie's tourmaline necklace.jpg
katie's opal earrings.jpg

what a beautiful thing i get to do. seriously. i love my job. katie first came to me with a green, vintage powder box which once belonged to her grandmother. i lifted the lid and inside was amethyst, tourmalines, quartz, opals, garnets, among other gemstones. i was gleeful just thinking of the possibilities. 

katie had originally contacted me to create a necklace from these stones for her mom (the daughter to the woman who collected all these gemstones). i made a beautiful necklace for her mom kathy. but this time, kathy came to me requesting a few pieces of jewelry be custom made for katie's birthday. i again got to work with these story-filled stones.

these are the pieces i came up with. i am ever so happy with the way they all turned out. i got a text from katie the night after i dropped them off at her house saying, "oh my goodness, angela. i love everything so much! just got home after working for 36 hours and i have to say pretty jewelry is an awesome thing to come home to!!!!"

this is why i do what i do. wear them in good health, katie. and always remember your grandmother is close to your heart, always.

first gallery exhibit

Angela Valley

bling! jewelry art exhibit

ysac gallery show-3.jpg
ysac gallery show.jpg
ysac gallery show-7.jpg
ysac gallery show-2.jpg
ysac gallery show-6.jpg
ysac gallery show-5.jpg
ysac gallery show-4.jpg

my first exhibit! as most things, it came with a learning curve. even with being a seasoned vendor, this was the first time i had to met the requirements the gallery owner wanted for the show. this was the most significant part for me since i have my own brand, and want to keep things in the same clean, modern and simple concept i have set for my business. after some negotiation we came upon a compromise. not only for the gallery exhibit did i learn to set boundaries prior to signing any contracts, i also learned to have them for the photography, modeling, and photo shots happening behind the scenes as well. 

this is a great lesson for other women or any other business owner. learn to have negotiation skills when you need something. being assertive, direct, strong, and decisive are great assets in business and do not mean your are a bitch. do some research prior to signing up for projects and if something does not meet your standards, contact the owner and set up a meeting to negotiate your terms and hopefully in the end you can come to an agreement. there is no reason why the integrity of either company needs to be compromised. if there is no middle ground, perhaps it is time to accept that project is not going to be part of your story and it is time to move on to the next thing.

opening night for the exhibit was like being in a can of sardines; there were so many guests. this was a good thing since it gave exposure to a lot of other designers. i had my mom, sister with my niece and nephew as well as a lot of good friends come by to support me. thank you! i have told them before but i really do appreciate it. 

will i do another gallery exhibit? it depends on the specific parameters of the gallery. i know i will have more of an opinion on models wearing my designs, what they wear, how they have their hair and makeup, who is photographing my designs, how they edit the photos, and if i have autonomy for my display set-up during the exhibit.

overall i do suggest getting out there and trying; how else would i have learned if i had not been a part of this project?