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Portland, Oregon


wear in good health. 

22g hoop nose ring set - you pick the combo

nose rings

22g hoop nose ring set - you pick the combo

22g nose rings.jpeg
22g nose rings.jpeg

22g hoop nose ring set - you pick the combo

from 17.00

the best nose ring! you get two (2) nose hoops with this purchase.

the wonderful thing about this design is that it can be worn with an actual piercing or without one. i do have my nose pierced, yet I have plenty of clients who do not and it works quite well; well enough they decide to get the piercing. 

i designed this nose ring when i was fed up going to the tattoo shops to get my jewelry. either they had rude employees or didn't have this simple design i was after. 

i hand forged the metal and make sure the tip that you insert is totally smooth so it doesn't hurt putting it in.

22G slim wire. 

diameter: 1cm/ 10mm/ 0.39"

this ring sits or hugs close to your nose. put it in and forget about it. I recommend to look at my feedback about these. my clients rave about them and my customer service.

for a quick video tutorial on how to insert the ring with a piercing, click here:  you tube tutorial  

or a video tutorial on how to insert without a piercing, click here:  you tube tutorial

Health regulations prohibit the return of body jewelry. All body jewelry sales are final. You can feel confident that the body jewelry that you purchase here has not been tried on or worn by anyone else but you. All measurements, materials, and gauges are listed in the description. Please be sure you are happy with the size, gauge, and material before purchasing.

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