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Portland, Oregon


wear in good health. 

thin silver and gold ring set - hammered


thin silver and gold ring set - hammered

wedding rings-3.jpg
wedding rings-3.jpg

thin silver and gold ring set - hammered

from 105.00

these are hand-pounded, stackable rings. one (1) medium yellow gold or rose gold ring, and six (6) thin recycled silver bands within this set.

they can be worn solo or stacked with each other, as well as your other rings. I love mine a couple ways; I stack them like the images above, or I'll but a gold or rose gold ring in there, or I'll wear a gemstone ring in between. 

price is for seven (7) rings. 

depth of band: 0.1cm/ 1mm/ 0.3"

depth of medium silver band: 0.3cm/ 3mm/ 0.11"

please note these are made to order, so please allow up to two (2) weeks upon payment for the ring(s) to be shipped out. 

color paired with silver:
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